Different brands and advertisers are questing for ways to reach their consumers naturally. Digital solutions like CTV (display and connected devices) help get users connected with devices. On the other side, Digital-Out-of-Home or DOOH helps to engage with people multiple times in multiple ways throughout the day.

The beauty market of the United States is $430 billion today and is continuously growing at a good scale. So, expected to reach $580 billion by 2027. This is because consumers spend around $1.5 trillion each year on wellness products. The numbers are enough for one to understand that people are looking for beauty and wellness products to look and feel good. This opportunity is enough for beauty and wellness brands to opt for advanced advertising methods to stay ahead of the competition. 

Advertisers can use different advertising strategies to drive product awareness and consideration. And OOH ads are one of the best ways to make this possible. More than 88% of US adults notice OOH advertisements to learn about different products. The Out-of-Home advertisement space is huge to get benefit from. So, in this blog written by our guest Upma Singh, SEO Executive at JoomDev Software Solutions, we will understand the latest concept of Digital-Out-of-Home and how DOOH for beauty and wellness brands plays an important role!

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What Is The Concept Of DOOH?

Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising has taken the digital world by storm in some previous years. More and more brands are turning towards DOOH with the advancement in technology and increased advertisement budgets to innovate traditional advertising. 

With the rise in remote work, people generally don’t like to spend all their time at home. They commute, head to the store for groceries, and spend time outdoors. So, when people are out in the real world, DOOH advertising plays an important role in reaching the target audience. Some of the examples of DOOH advertisements are:

  • Digital Billboards.
  • Car-Top DOOH Advertisements. 
  • Bus-Stop DOOH Ads. 
  • Elevator DOOH Ads.
  • Gas Stations Digital Advertising.

Some of the DOOH placements include:

  • Office Buildings.
  • Entertainment Points.
  • Corporate Offices
  • Health & Beauty Centers.

Before creating TV commercials or targeting ads on social media, companies can rely on Digital-Out-of-Home advertising to reach their target audience. This advertising channel may seem old, but it is going under an extreme makeover. 

Let’s know some benefits of DOOH for beauty and wellness brands!

Why Should You Use DOOH For Beauty And Wellness Brands?

Interested consumers of beauty and wellness products are often seen online including turning to social media and different influencers to learn about the product they are searching for. They can easily get information on new products, recommendations, reviews, and special offers in different spaces. 

Being a beauty brand, advertisers can use an omnichannel strategy by including DOOH in the campaigns. This will help them to:

  • Enhance product awareness.
  • Raise brand engagement.
  • Consideration of the brand.

DOOH has capabilities like targeting audiences based on locations they used to visit or utilizing first-party information or data to make an audience for real-world ad targeting. With this, advertisers can create dynamic creative preferences like different images, taglines, etc. Apart from this, DOOH has many benefits for companies, especially DOOH for beauty and wellness brands. Here’s how? 

DOOH Can Be A Game Changer For Beauty And Wellness Brands: Some Benefits?

Impossible to ignore appealing beauty ads

DOOH advertisement displays have the opportunity to make an impression on a wider audience. Most people find it annoying to see online ads, popup ads, and YouTube ads. They often have to ignore all of them or a setting of ad blockers. 

But DOOH screens or displays are hard to ignore. People can’t skip them, pop them out, turn them off, or rarely walk without noticing them. So, these are some of the basic reasons why DOOH helps to increase brand awareness. The audience can be interested in interacting with DOOH displays if you do it in a right and unique way. 

Acts as cost-savers

Content marketing and SEO services are not the only two landscapes these days to promote your brand being affordable solutions. DOOH has its benefits in terms of cost savings. All forms of OOH advertisement require a little upfront investment but are great for giving a stronger return on investment with digital billboards. With conventional OOH advertising, it takes money and time to print a unique display and reach with it the media unit. Also, replacing the old displays and buying and selling advertisement space are some of the daunting tasks.

But with DOOH most of the process becomes digital and automated as it is managed by a software DSP (demand side platforms). With just a few clicks, advertiser companies can buy new spaces and updated creative displays. Most of the big companies use programmatic advertising technology to display ads simultaneously across the whole State. 

With DOOH, ownership transfer is quick, and also, no installation cost is required. Companies can share the cost with others as digital displays can be shared to run a variety of ads. 


Digital displays mean companies are no longer bound to a single static image display. Creative videos, moving images, slideshows, animations, and interactive games can be used to build digital displays for various brands. Even the companies can use cartoon versions of different characters to make the ad more engaging.


Digital displays are more secure than conventional OOH advertising spaces. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. Such advertisements can be used all over the year without any repair or maintenance. 

On the other side, traditional advertising displays face harsh conditions daily and may get teared out. It’s common for them to rip, fall apart, face water damage, or lose their screws or lusters after some time. OOH displays can even break sometimes. So, overall, in every aspect, DOOH is far more durable than traditional OOH ads. 

Helps in improved data collection

Traditional ad displays lack in measuring key metrics to check the performance of the advertisements. A regular billboard can’t notice the passing cars or they can’t know if anyone stopped and read the flyer. But a digital billboard can. With tapping the world of the web and the internet of things, data from DOOH ads is much more accurate. 

There are different types of sensors and software in digital billboards through which advertisers can get deep insights. They can review how many people viewed their ads and who viewed their ads. Moreover, they can even know at what time of the day, the engagement to see the ad was maximum. 

Another important advancement in DOOH space is data collection as digital ads are using cloud spaces to store data. Many roadside kiosks with digital displays are connected to public WiFi or the web to accurately keep track of connected devices. Also, they can gather information about the connected devices. 

Easy to add personalized touch

The digital side of the DOOH makes it easy to send ad ideas to the media unit which gives flexibility to change and update ads. Advertisers can easily create advertisements based on weather, traffic status, the peak hours of the day, and who is interacting with the ad. For example, beauty and wellness brands can display products as per summer or winter needs in relevant seasons. So, creating advertisements with personalization is very easy in the digital advertising space. 

DOOH is responsive

Digital campaigns don’t take much time to be created, updated, and sent to various media units, unlike traditional ways. Advertisers can consider it as a chance to create more personal and unique ads. Such responsiveness of digital displays played an important role, especially during the pandemic. This is because:

  • The companies quickly planned their advertising strategy as per the situation.
  • They created more relevant and engaging content to motivate people to wear masks or to get vaccinated.
  • They thanked many contributions of front-line workers in their way. 

Solidify the beauty brand

Most companies display digital boards outside their product stores or offices to display the latest products or creative ads. In-store DOOH ads are a proven way of getting higher reach by highlighting particular products and securing their final sale. This way DOOH can help to secure and solidify the brand.

Summing Up

That’s all for now!

Digital out-of-home advertisements offer tremendous opportunities for beauty and wellness brands to create engaging ads and lure potential customers. So, beauty and wellness brands can harness the power of DOOH to reach their target audience and take their brands to the next level. DOOH can be a game-changer for the beauty and wellness industry being the best business idea these days as it is easy to operate it online. 

With the consideration of ease, effectiveness, and efficiency of OOH, it seems obvious why beauty and wellness brands are opting for this. After all, this industry has continuously updated products as new skin care products are added each day as per demand, and DOOH for beauty and wellness brands can help to achieve this. Before jumping onto DOOH for your beauty and wellness brand, keep in mind the following things:

  • Define clear objectives.
  • Do collaborate with the industry partners.
  • Try to select the right platform and inventory. 

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