Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is a growing trend in the world of advertising, offering a unique and effective way for realtors to reach potential customers. It provides the opportunity for you to be creative and really set your business apart, to help sell more homes.

Unlike traditional billboards and outdoor advertisements, programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) is more engaging and interactive. For example, you could use a QR code on your billboard that links to a virtual tour of a property or a video showcasing the unique features of a home. You could also use an interactive map that highlights the location of a property and its proximity to nearby amenities.

How to market your SMB Business using DOOH


Another advantage of pDOOH is its ability to track and measure the success of your advertising campaigns. With digital displays, you can track how many people interact with your billboard, how long they spend viewing it and the location and demographics of your target audience. This data can help you make informed decisions about your advertising strategy and necessary adjustments to improve its effectiveness.

Using pDOOH in real estate can be an effective way to attract potential home buyers and sell more homes, but it requires careful consideration and planning.

In the real estate market, the challenge for realtors and agencies is to cut through the noise. Marketing plays a huge role in capturing the attention of your target audience..

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of buyers purchase their homes through realtors.

So, how do you attract their attention?

Considering that the average American is bombarded by about 10,000 advertisements per day, you’ll need a medium that just can’t be ignored. Billboard advertising therefore, can be a very effective and lucrative medium for residential realtors. It provides great visibility, a captive audience, and a format large enough that perfectly delivers your message.

Here are some ideas to help you create impactful and effective realtor billboards that can help sell more homes.

  • Highlight the unique features of the home, such as spacious backyard, modern kitchen or cozy fireplace.
  • Use eye-catching images to help potential buyers imagine themselves in the space, even using drone photography.
  • Keep it simple; use large, bold text with minimum words. Consider a tagline.
  • Use color to create an emotional response such as warm and inviting shades to evoke feelings of comfort.
  • Include contact information, including phone numbers and website. A call-to-action is a great tactic as well.
  • Create a series of billboards that work together, for example one to highlight the home features and another to showcase the surrounding community.

Use videos to bring the message to life, especially in high dwell time areas. Virtual tours can work really well.

Here are six examples of how realtors used billboards to sell more homes:

1. Location-based billboard advertising

Location-based billboard advertising

(Image source:

A real estate company placed billboards near new housing developments to target potential home buyers in the area. The billboard advertisements featured the company’s logo, contact information, and eye-catching images of the new homes.

2. Creative billboard design

Creative billboard design

(Image source:

A realtor created unique and eye-catching billboard designs to stand out among the many other advertisements. The billboards featured images of happy families in their new homes and included catchy taglines to grab attention and encourage potential home buyers to reach out.

3. Using QR codes

QR code billboard

(Image source:

QR codes have several applications for realtors. At the core, QR codes have one purpose — to carry and share information digitally. When someone scans a QR code, they receive the information linked to it. The data could be a website or landing page URL, social media profile, PDF file, video, image, simple text, and more.

4. Using emotions to create a connection

Billboard to create emotion

(Image source:

The combination of imagery and copy can be a powerful way to tell a positive story. When you do this you well you will set your business apart. This advertisement does a great job with their copy.

5. Keeping the contact information readable

Good Realtors’ billboard

(Image source:

There is nothing worse than seeing a billboard that has something you want, but you can’t read the contact information because it’s too small. Or worse, there is more than one phone number, so you don’t know which one to call.

Also, unless your website URL is really short and easy to remember, leave it out. No one has time to enter an URL while driving.

6. Reading between the lines

Wicker Park properties billboard

(Image source:

Sometimes, there is no need for any more text than the name. Such ads target a lifestyle and those that connect with this image would be much more likely to choose that realtor when trying to buy or sell their home. It’s a powerful image that captures your attention, making the audience read between the lines ensures this billboard delivers an impactful experience.

Billboards can be a very powerful way to build and establish your brand name in your target market. By aligning it to your brand’s visual identity, you will reinforce your brand name in the community and make it easy for people to recognize you when deciding who to do business with.

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How to market your SMB Business using DOOH

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