A new approach

Combining programmatic and premium inventory to create a smart platform to buy, manage and plan your digital out of home advertising.

A new, smarter and automated platform
for Digital Out of Home advertising

The Neuron's new approach provides cost-effective access to global premium inventory for programmatic digital out-of-home advertising (pDOOH).

Our proprietary platform offers flexibility, real-time campaign planning and optimizing capabilities, enabling our clients to deliver targeted campaigns to engage their audiences at the right time, with the right message and for the right budget.

Using a variety of tools, including location-based targeting, data-driven hypercontextual advertising opportunities, together with instant reporting dashboards, we provide you with measurable campaign performance data.

Our easy-to-use platform for planning, buying and managing pDOOH are used hand in hand with state-of-the-art data triggers and a cutting-edge bidder that will optimize campaign spends for clients to help drive the best outcomes and ensure that clients get the most value for their money.

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"Within the first few minutes of an initial phone call with the Neuron team, I knew instantly that I wanted to partner with them for my DOOH media buys. They are honest, strategic, flexible, and a highly intelligent team. After having worked with them, I could not be more thrilled with the astounding results. They listened to me and not only provided me with answers, but advised me about remarkable strategic approaches for the FEI World Cup 2023 campaign DOOH media buys."

Jill Boyle

Director of Advertising


"The client had a small budget and most of the paper and paste formats they would usually buy to make the most of their budget were fully sold. They chose to run programmatic as it was a cost effective solution and provided them a very good level of coverage in areas they wanted to target at an affordable rate."

Lucy Matthews

Account Director


We are very happy collaborating with The Neuron. Their self-service platform gives us the opportunity to set up, monitor and optimize our own campaigns with real time data. Due to the full transparency, flexibility and easy handling, we are satisfied implementing the self-service platform through our in-house team. Highly recommended to all clients who want to have full control of their own DOOH campaigns.

Miriam Schlüter and Anke Heuser

CMO and Marketing Manager


"We needed to launch an outdoor campaign for our La Familia store as soon as possible in select premium locations with multiple creatives to reach our desired audiences. The Neuron was an awesome solution, and within a few clicks, our campaign was live! We had achieved record sales during the campaign period and had a noticeable increase in brand awareness!"

Watheq Safarani

Marketing Director


"Our holiday launch campaign showcasing our fine selection of Swiss chocolate was a success - we ran a programmatic tactical campaign during high traffic-hours, delivered right to our target audience on select screens around our stores thanks to The Neuron's Point of Interest (POI) and audience/traffic measurement tools. As a result, we managed to significantly increase our exposure in comparison to the same period last year for Laderach, ensuring maximal visibility across the board."

Anne-Laure Greco

Marketing Director

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Hussein Khader


Osama Jaber

Osama Jaber

Head of Engineering

Marvin Vacquier Droop

Marvin Vacquier Droop

Head of Product

Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson

UK Sales Director

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