Looking to attract foot traffic to your local business? It’s time to tap into digital place-based media marketing using digital screens for your outdoor advertising campaigns.

What Is Digital Place-Based Media Marketing?

Place-based marketing is simply marketing and advertising that takes place in a specific location outside of the home. Also known as location based marketing, it is a type of advertising that enables businesses to reach individuals with targeted messages based on location.

Digital place based media marketing is the same as traditional place based advertising, only it takes advantage of the huge network of digital screens which are now available to advertisers to display advertising messages.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America offers the following definition: “Place based displays encompass a wide variety of formats that are specially located where particular groups congregate for a variety of purposes. 

Some of the most common places where these displays are found include the restrooms of restaurants and nightclubs, in the common areas of health clubs and bars, on college and high school campuses, on military bases, in convention centers, in arcades, in doctors’ waiting rooms, golf courses, parking garages, and at rest areas.”

We can also add grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, gyms and fitness centers, sports and entertainment venues, office buildings and shopping malls to this list.

And this, indeed, reveals the outstanding potential of digital place based media for business owners.

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Digital place based displays are located in areas that allow you to target particular groups of people that you know will be interested in your business or product. If you sell sportswear and accessories, for example, you know that you can find your ideal customers at the local gym. Digital place based media screens allow you to advertise your new trainers or protein shake to them easily.    

In other words, place based marketing allows you to tap into the power of lifestyle + location to reach your target audience more effectively.

It is for this reason that more and more advertisers are now turning to place based digital out of home media (DOOH) than ever before. According to the latest report from the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA), 74% of advertisers now use DOOH as part of their marketing strategies.

Infographic image showing the rise of DOOH and place based media by advertisers

(Image source: dpaaglobal.com)

The report found that the increased investment in DOOH was attributable to four main factors:

Infographic image showing that there were 4 main reasons to the switch and rise in Placed based media and DOOH usage by advertisers

  (Image source: dpaaglobal.com)

Today, not only are place based media screens of a higher quality than ever before – allowing advertisers to display a broad range of advertising content, including full-motion video – they are also more accessible thanks to programmatic buying platforms.

Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) allows you to reach selected audiences with dynamic ads and marketing information on a location specific basis. With pDOOH platforms, even small businesses now have quick access to place based media screens to serve up targeted digital display advertising to the right customers in the most common places they are likely to be. 

What’s more, the wealth of audience and marketing information provided by programmatic platforms means it’s easy for advertisers optimize campaigns remotely on the fly.

Here’s a snippet of what respondents to the DPAA report had to say about the power of programmatic.

Infographic image showcasing that Placed Based Media allows advertisers to put their ads in real life contextual settings

 (Image source: dpaaglobal.com)

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Top Benefits and Features of Digital Place Based Media for Local Outdoor Advertising

There are numerous benefits of digital place based media marketing. Let’s run through the most important.

Contextual Relevancy

Consumers are at their most receptive to advertisements and brand messaging when they are delivered in contextually relevant situations. This is where location based advertising really shines. Where better to run your sportswear ads than at the local fitness center, your new line of spirits than at a bar or nightclub, your latest deal on video games than at an amusement arcade, your beauty products than at a hair salon?  

Recent research reveals that DOOH campaigns that use contextually relevant messaging achieve an average of +17% more effective audience responses and a 16% sales uplift than those that don’t.

Image showing that the usage of Placed Based Media grants advertisers’ better chances of return of investment on their marketing campaigns

(Image source: clearchannel.be)

Real-Life Settings

The fact that digital place based advertising takes place in real-life settings is hugely valuable to advertisers. From colleges to airports, elevators, salons and shopping malls, place based media is located in environments that are part of people’s daily lives and are therefore relatable. 

Moreover, these locations are often found along a consumer’s path to purchase, so intent to buy is already high, meaning the right message delivered at the right time can easily lead to a sale.

High Visibility in Places with Long Dwell Times

Place-based media enjoys high viewability in places where hundreds if not thousands of people pass every single day. With high quality digital displays, eye-catching content – including video content – garners many impressions across screens that cannot be blocked from view. 

Additionally, in certain venues like barber shops, salons and airports, advertisers have a captive audience for long periods of time, allowing for more in depth and meaningful engagements with consumers. For example, DOOH campaigns can be combined with mobile marketing through the use of QR codes, promo codes or hashtags.

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Audience Targeting

With the advent of powerful programmatic buying platforms for DOOH media space, advertisers can now define precisely where and when an ad is shown based on precise campaign criteria. This includes not only where target consumer groups congregate, but also on external factors such as time of day, weather conditions, news events, sports results, travel data and more. 

The result is that advertisers can now target consumers at a granular level and reach the right audience with the right message at the right time and location where they are most likely to make a purchase.

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