Digital out of home advertising – or DOOH advertising, for short – is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels for advertisers and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Taking advantage of huge billboards and other unmissable, and strategically placed digital screens, DOOH ads are now everywhere in towns and cities alike, offering unparalleled opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience in the real world.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign

And outdoor advertising is once again growing from strength to strength.

Figures from Statista reveal that, after continued year-over-year growth between 2009 and 2019, the industry is back on track to reach pre-pandemic levels next year and exceed them in 2024 – when worldwide expenditure on OOH advertising will reach a massive $45 billion.

Outdoor advertising expenditure worldwide from 2000 to 2024

(in billion US dollars)

Outdoor advertising expenditure worldwide from 2000 to 2024

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There are many reasons for this growth.

Today, Digital Out of Home advertising is accessible to more brands and businesses than ever before. This is thanks to the advent of programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) platforms like The Neuron, which connect advertisers to premium digital screens simply and affordably at the click of a button.

pDOOH platforms also mean it’s possible to target audiences based on their demographic information and whereabouts. This is because programmatic technology makes use of anonymized mobile location data (plus data from other sources) so advertisers know exactly when and where their target audiences are most likely to be so they can display ads at specific times on specific screens to maximize effectiveness and ROI.

In addition, with programmatic, conditions can be set so that real-world events – such as weather conditions, temperature, sports results, or news events – act as triggers for digital OOH ads to go live.

For example, McDonald’s used live weather data from the UK’s Met Office to trigger a dynamic advertising campaign that turned the fast-food chain’s menu items into weather icons. The live temperature was represented by a French fry dipped in ketchup to resemble a thermometer.

McDonald’s dynamic advertising campaign

McDonald's dynamic advertising campaign example 1

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The week’s forecast, meanwhile, was brought to life by things like a cheeseburger representing sunshine, an upturned box of fries signifying rain, and steaming coffee representing clouds.

McDonald's dynamic advertising campaign example 2

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Examples of Great Digital Out of Home Advertising in 2022

Digital outdoor advertising is always evolving. Advertisers are constantly coming up with inventive DOOH campaigns that make the most of the medium.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and most inspiring Digital Out of Home advertising examples from 2022 so far.

1. Top Gun: Maverick – 3D Billboard

One of the most recent innovations of outdoor advertising is the 3D billboard.

3D tech combines two images taken from different angles and puts them into a single clip. As a result, our left and right eyes see the visuals from slightly different points – which our brains then blend together into one, resulting in us viewing the objects three-dimensionally.

3D tech for billboards

(Image source:

There are so many fantastic examples of 3D billboards – but the one that really stood out for us this year was the Top Gun: Maverick promotion, featuring the iconic fighter planes appearing to whoosh in and out of the screen.

(Video source:

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign

2. Tesco – Ramadan

In April, Tesco used the outstanding capabilities of Digital Out of Home to launch a creative campaign about Iftar – the evening meal to signify the end of the daily fast in the month of Ramadan.

The digital display features empty plates throughout the day, which gradually fill up with food as the sun sets – reaching out to the Muslim population that fast during April.

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3. Disability Is Diversity

Another brilliant digital outdoor ad campaign this year urged Hollywood to recognize disabled people.

Tinseltown has long been grappling with public demand to put people on the silver screen that reflect the diversity of audiences – but in the process, it seems to have made an oversight. The largest minority group in the US is the disabled community – yet only 1% of talent in the film and TV industry is represented.

That’s why the Disability Is Diversity non-profit, whose mission is to close the disability representation gap, posted colorful Digital Out of Home ads across major cities to call out the discrepancy.

Disability Is Diversity non-profit billboards colors

Featuring a simple, clear message, the campaign hit all types of digital signage from Hollywood to Times Square – a great example of how brands can use the power of DOOH to spread their message far and wide.

Colorful billboard ads

(Image source:

4. PXG Grand Opening

Some of the best DOOH campaigns are also the simplest.

One of the biggest benefits of digital OOH advertising is its ability to broadcast a message loud and clear to a particular locality.

Golf store chain PXG took advantage of this capability to promote the grand opening of its new location in Indianapolis.

The digital ad ticks all the boxes for a great DOOH design – a simple message, a clear, readable font, and a single image. This all combines neatly to make the Digital Out of Home ad instantly digestible and memorable.

PXG even gave the address of its new store – a great CTA, telling people exactly where they need to go

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PGX Indianapolis billboard

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Get Started with Programmatic Digital Outdoor Advertising Today with The Neuron

If you’ve been inspired by these fantastic campaigns, you might be thinking how you can launch a Digital Out of Home advertising campaign of your own.

The great news is you can do so in no time at all using The Neuron.

Firstly, you can create an eye-catching and high-converting digital OOH ad in minutes using our 100% free DOOH Design Studio. The Studio features hundreds of ready-made, vertical-specific templates you can use straight away and customize in just a few clicks with your own message, image, and logo.

Next, you can upload your creative straight to The Neuron pDOOH platform, pick your screen, select your criteria and triggers (such as target demographics, time of day, day of week, weather triggers, temperature triggers, etc.), and the platform does the rest.

It couldn’t be easier to get started with DOOH. So why wait? Try The Neuron today.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign