Oregon, 26th May 2022 The Neuron, a leading global Digital Out of Home (DOOH) programmatic platform for Agencies and SMBs, today announced the release of its ground-breaking Traffic Prediction Model.

The Traffic Prediction Model for programmatic Digital Out of Home, developed by The Neuron, uses advanced in-house Machine Learning (ML) processes, together with data from AdMobilize’s GDPR-compliant DOOH traffic measurement solution, to analyze historical traffic pattern data on outdoor roadside inventory, in real-time. The Traffic Prediction Model forecasts traffic and vehicle counts across the upcoming 24-hour period with 96% accuracy, presented in ten-minute intervals.

The advantages of The Neuron’s Traffic Prediction Model are unmatched. The Model provides a scalable solution and enables advertisers to predict how many vehicles will view their advertisements on their selected outdoor roadside inventory at any time of day across the next 24 hours. The Model can be adapted to seasonal holiday periods and large events alike and provides advertisers with the overview of campaign impression counts.

The Traffic Prediction Model is able to take into account real-time factors which may impact traffic, such as road closures, through AdMobilize’s real-time vehicle detection solution and will update its forecast based on these factors.

AdMobilize is a world leading audience measurement platform for OOH media owners. Utilizing the latest AI and computer vision technology, AdMobilize is able to capture real time audience engagement with real life digital assets, in a fully anonymised and fully compliant manner. With clients in over 40 countries, it’s enabling programmatic DOOH to reach its full potential.

The new partnership between The Neuron and AdMobilize brings together two thought-leading and innovative technology platforms, combining powerful, real-time analytics and vehicle detection, with a global network of premium advertising inventory.

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Neuron. The integration of Admobilize’s real-time data and proof-of-performance analytics with The Neuron’s powerful DOOH platform means that we can deliver bold, innovative solutions such as The Traffic Prediction Model to our respective clients. Partnering up with products like The Neuron we’re finally seeing real programmatic campaigns being deployed at scale. Campaigns that are planned with real data, and use this data while it’s live, optimizing both for campaign results and inventory efficiency in real-time. Getting closer to an effective RTB which is the basis of programmatic.

The Neuron’s ability to apply that intelligence directly into their real-time premium global inventory is key to our mission, it shows the real benefits that programmatic brings and represents an exciting innovation for advertisers. Programmatic DOOH simply cannot happen without real-time data or historical flat data lines.”, said Jose Mora, CEO of Admobilize

The Neuron is fast becoming a leading player in providing data-led, cost-effective access to global premium inventory through their easy-to-use platform. The platform enables clients to buy, manage and plan their DOOH advertising in real time to drive leads and increase sales results, whilst its precision data targeting helps connect brands and audiences by delivering relevant messages at the moment of engagement.

Hussein Khader, CEO and founder of The Neuron commented:

We are delighted to partner with Admobilize. They are the global standard in anonymous intelligence, powered by the most advanced and complete real-time AI platform, which made them the perfect partner for the Traffic Prediction Model and a perfect fit for The Neuron as we progress our mission to revolutionise DOOH advertising. Through our partnership we extend our leading-edge solutions and continue to deliver innovation to provide our clients with a competitive advantage for their DOOH campaigns”.

About The Neuron – Experts in Programmatic Digital Out of Home Advertising

Founded in 2020, The Neuron combines a programmatic DOOH DSP platform with premium inventory, multiple data sources and live data feeds to provide fast, hyper-contextual targeting for client campaigns.

The Neuron’s self-serve platform for SMBs and tailored services for agencies, enables their clients to integrate DOOH into their overall marketing campaign mix to drive leads and increase sales results.


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