Looking for free billboard templates to get your next billboard campaign off to a flying success? You’re in the right place. We’ve got hundreds of them in our newly launched and 100% free to use DOOH Design Studio.

The DOOH Checklist for SMBs: What You Need to Create a Successful Campaign

The Power and Reach of Billboard Advertising

Today, out of home (OOH) advertising is one of the most reliable forms of advertising there is – and it’s also one of the most cost-effective. In fact, billboard advertising is on average:

  • 80% cheaper than television advertising
  • 60% cheaper than radio advertising
  • 50% cheaper than newspaper and magazine advertising

Cost of Billboard advertising compared to television advertising

(Image source: topmediaadvertising.co.uk)

Modern billboard campaigns are, of course, digital – and digital billboards have even more advantages over their traditional non-digital counterparts.

Digital signage statistics

(Image source: mvixdigitalsignage.com)

The same study also found that 84% of SMBs believe that digital signage creates more brand awareness than traditional channels, while 64% say it increases customer engagement, and that it bumps up the average purchase amount by 29.5%. Fantastic statistics indeed – especially when 75% of surveyed travelers could recall seeing a digital billboard within the last month.

Digital signage benefits

(Image source: mvixdigitalsignage.com)

The benefits of digital billboard advertising are loud and clear – no wonder the digital signage market is poised for huge growth over the rest of the decade.

Recent figures from Precedence Research reveal that the global digital signage market was valued at USD 21.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 42.54 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% from 2021 to 2030.

Digital signage market size

(Image source: precedenceresearch.com)

According to the report, “The rapid market growth is due to the increasing demand for the digitized promotion of products and services to attract the attention of the target audience efficiently and effectively. […] The increasing popularity of the digital advertisement and huge investments made to improve the product display technology are some of the factors that are expected to drive the growth of the digital signage market.”

The DOOH Checklist for SMBs: What You Need to Create a Successful Campaign


Today, it couldn’t be easier for SMBs to get started with digital billboard advertising thanks to the fantastic range of free billboard templates on The Neuron’s DOOH Design Studio.

Your Free Billboard Templates on the DOOH Design Studio

The digital billboard templates on the DOOH Design Studio are all designed by expert graphic designers who specialize in digital out of home advertising displays.

As an advertiser, you can explore the huge range of vertical-specific billboard templates on offer and select whichever ones you like to customize to your brand and campaign requirements.

With the DOOH Design Studio, you can personalize your digital billboard ads with all your branded elements – including fonts, logos, colors, images, and more.

It couldn’t be simpler to use – and it’s completely free.

As Hussein Khader, CEO and Founder of The Neuron puts it: “At The Neuron, we are committed to our clients and their success which is why we developed the DOOH Design Studio. All of our advertising templates are provided completely free of charge representing a huge saving on design budgets, and once our clients have created their campaign, the ad design remains license-free for our clients to use as long as they wish.”

If you’re looking to get more leads for your business, digital billboard advertising is a fantastic way to do it.

Let’s take a look at the range of free billboard templates you can start customizing straight away to give you inspiration for your next ad.

Entertainment Templates

No matter what type of entertainment venue or event you’re looking to promote, you can wow your audience with our huge range entertainment billboard mockup templates. Whether it’s a music event, movie theatre, theme park, charity fun run, or family entertainment venue, simply drag and drop our templates into the DOOH Design Studio and customize with your own message, logo, colors, font, and images.

Entertainment template 1 Entertainment template 2 Entertainment template 3

Legal Templates

Digital billboard advertising is perfectly suited to law firms across disciplines. No matter if you specialize in car accidents and personal injury, child custody, debt and bankruptcy, divorce, medical malpractice, or anything else, our legal digital billboard mockup templates can win you new clients all over town. Here’s a small selection of what’s on offer on the DOOH Design Studio.

Legal template 1 Legal template 2 Legal template 3

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Real Estate Billboard Mockup Templates

Digital billboard ads are an excellent way for realtors to convey impactful messages to target audiences in specific localities. If you’re ready to build brand awareness and increase your client base with DOOH, our range of real estate digital billboard mockups will help you do just that.

Real Estate billboard template 1 Real Estate billboard template 2 Real Estate billboard template 3

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Restaurant Templates

Digital billboards are a superb medium for advertising to hungry diners at different points throughout the day. They combine the agility of DOOH advertising with the ease of creating eye-catching billboard ads with the DOOH Design Studio, enabling you to serve up a different ad for your customers at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here’s a small sample of our restaurant mockups you can start customizing straight away.

Restaurant template Restaurant template

Restaurant template

Retail Templates

Looking to drive more customers through the front doors of your store? Billboard advertising will help you get your name out there, along with any promotions, offers, or seasonal deals and products you need to push. Promote your opening hours, your goods, your discounts, and give directions to your store using our retail digital billboard mockups.

Retail template Retail template Retail template

Start Using the DOOH Design Studio Today

No matter your industry, you can get started with digital billboard advertising today using hundreds of free mockups in the DOOH Design Studio from The Neuron.

Try it for free today.

The last word goes to our CEO Hussein Khader: “We want businesses to be able to promote themselves quickly, in a cost-effective way, placing the power of advertising in the hands of our clients and giving them a competitive advantage.  The Neuron’s DOOH Design Studio does just that. It opens DOOH up to everyone and our range of vertical-specific templates is growing rapidly in response to client demand.”

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