Spending on Digital Out of Home or DOOH advertising is increasing rapidly. More and more SMB brands around the world are realizing they too, just like larger companies, can easily and affordably utilize digital billboards and other digital OOH media to reach mass audiences and target specific customer groups.

How to market your SMB Business using DOOH


According to the latest figures from Statista, the digital OOH industry is valued at $9.2 billion and is on course to reach $15.9 billion by 2027.

OOH industry value and projected 2027 value

(Image source: statista.com)

In a separate survey, it was revealed that 76% of organizations globally were planning to increase their spending on DOOH advertising in 2022, while 22% said it would remain constant. In the US, a majority (56%) indicated that spending on DOOH ads would increase, and 44% said it would remain the same – and not one single respondent said it would decrease.

Planned changes in DOOH ad spend according to marketers in 2022

(Image source: statista.com)

Top Tips: Promoting Your SMB Brand with Digital Out of Home

DOOH spending is clearly on the rise – but how does a small business go about crafting and launching successful DOOH campaigns?

In this post, we’re going to reveal our top tips that will help your SMB get the most out of their digital OOH campaigns.

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Choose the Right DOOH Media for Your Campaign

Today, there are many different types of out of home and outdoor media screens in multiple locations for SMB brands to choose between. These include digital billboards, digital mobile billboards, digital street furniture, digital transit media, and digital place-based media.

SMBs should select screens and locations that are known to be high-traffic areas where their target audiences are most likely to see the ads.

If you’re targeting drivers, you should probably consider digital billboards. If it’s subway and bus commuters, then smaller display ads at these locations may present the better option. If you’re looking to promote your in-store items at the point-of-sale, then digital displays above the cash register in convenience stores will likely be your best bet.

However, with today’s powerful programmatic technology, there is absolutely no need whatsoever, to rely on gut instinct or guesswork.

Today, advertisers can easily get an accurate picture of where their target audiences are spending their time and the paths they take past DOOH media on a daily or regular basis using a programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) platform like The Neuron. This is because pDOOH platforms utilize anonymized mobile location data (plus data from other sources) to inform advertisers where their target customers are.

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Ad space is then bought programmatically – meaning you set your criteria for who you want to see your ad ahead of time, and the ad only displays (and you only pay for it) when that criteria can be met. This not only means that Digital OOH advertising is now more targeted than ever – it also generates a better return on investment (ROI) than ever before because SMBs can be sure they’re only paying for ad space when their target consumers are going to see the ad.

How to market your SMB Business using DOOH

Choose the Right Time and Other Criteria for Your DOOH Ads

As well as selecting the perfect location and targeting consumers based on demographic data, you can also utilize pDOOH platforms to set other criteria to ensure that your ads generate the best ROI possible.

Time of day, for example, is hugely important to ensuring your ads to do what you want them to do – drive sales.

Certain times of day are more relevant to different businesses than others. A coffee shop, for example, would likely find the morning hours between, say, 6am and 10am the most fruitful. The pizzeria next door, meanwhile, would probably do better between the hours of 11am and 8pm.

The great thing about Digital Out of Home advertising, though, is that you can create dynamic content, so your creative messaging changes throughout the day. Burger King, for example, which has separate menus to cater to different mealtimes, has utilized DOOH media to capture the attention of early-risers in need of breakfast…

Burger King DOOH changing menu ad in a bus station

(Image source: jcdecaux.com)

The content then changes to promote the fast-food restaurant’s daytime menu during lunch hours…

Burger King DOOH changing menu ad in a bus station 2

 (Image source: jcdecaux.com)

Both ads, you’ll notice, let passers-by know how far they are away from the nearest outlet – which showcases yet another dynamic capability of DOOH that SMBs can use to direct people to their own nearby establishments.

Use External Data Triggers to Add Contextual Relevancy

One of the greatest things about DOOH is that a SMB’s ad can change in immediate response to the local environment or even live news events or sports results. Ultimately, what this means is that your Digital Out of Home advertising can be almost entirely dynamic and responsive – creating unique and contextually relevant experiences for viewers.

As well as date and time triggers, one of the most common data triggers that SMB brands can take advantage of to grab the attention of consumers are weather and temperature triggers.

There are many ways that such weather triggers can be used by different types of businesses. Real estate agents, for example, could display different creative messaging based on the weather. On hot days, for instance, houses with swimming pools could be advertised – while homes with open fireplaces could feature when the temperature drops. At night-time, these ads could change again, this time advertising homes in safe neighborhoods.

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A real-world example comes from drink brand Aperol, which used programmatic capabilities to launch a campaign that was triggered by the perfect cocktail weather conditions. The ad only activated when temperatures hit 19 degrees or above – and specifically targeted the run up to the weekend, only displaying from 1-8pm on Thursdays to Sundays.

Aperol Spritz programmatic ad

(Image source: sage-archer.com)

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