Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising has emerged as a powerful marketing strategy for healthcare providers looking to attract prospective patients. With the rise of technology and the growing importance of digital marketing, DOOH is becoming an increasingly popular way for healthcare providers to reach their target audience.

DOOH is a form of advertising that uses digital displays, such as billboards, screens in public places and digital kiosks to reach a wide audience. It offers a new way for healthcare organizations to reach their target audience through visually engaging and dynamic content that can be customized to suit different locations and times of day.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign

The healthcare sector has undergone significant development in recent years, driven by advances in technology, changing patient demographics and evolving healthcare policies. In particular, the widespread adoption of electronic health records has revolutionized the way healthcare providers collect, store, and share patient information, improving the efficiency and quality of care delivery.

Additionally, the increasing prevalence of telemedicine and other digital health tools has expanded access to healthcare services, particularly in underserved areas. At the same time, the healthcare sector has faced new challenges, such as rising healthcare costs, the growing burden of chronic diseases and of course, the pandemic.

Nevertheless, ongoing innovation and investment in healthcare are expected to continue driving growth and progress in the sector in the years ahead.

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As a result, healthcare advertising is one that requires a very targeted approach.

Unlike other industries, healthcare advertising focuses on building trust and establishing a personal connection with prospective patients. DOOH advertising provides healthcare providers with an opportunity to showcase their services and build trust with their target audience through greater visibility, targeted advertising, real-time updates and getting more value for their advertising dollars.

Here are five ways that healthcare providers can use digital billboards to promote their services and facilities:

1. Promote their services: Hospitals and clinics can use billboards to promote the various services they offer, such as emergency care, pediatric care, cancer treatment, or specialized surgeries. They can use visuals and short, catchy phrases to grab people’s attention and entice them to seek care at their facility.

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2. Highlight their technology and expertise: Hospitals and clinics can use billboards to showcase their technological advancements, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized expertise. This can help build their reputation as a top healthcare provider and attract patients who are seeking cutting-edge treatments.

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3. Target specific demographics: DOOH advertising allows healthcare providers to target their audience based on demographics, location and behavior. This means that healthcare providers can tailor their message to reach the right people at the right time and increase their marketing performance by delivering relevant and engaging messages to their target audience.

Hospitals and clinics can use billboards strategically, to reach specific demographics, such as families with young children, seniors, or people with specific medical conditions. For example, a hospital might use a billboard featuring a smiling child to appeal to parents, or a billboard featuring an older couple to appeal to seniors.

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4. Provide health education: Healthcare providers can use billboards to provide health education messages to the public, such as the importance of getting regular check-ups, the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, or the risks of smoking and other unhealthy behaviors. These messages can help raise awareness and encourage people to take action to improve their health. A hospital for example might use a digital billboard to alert the community about a disease outbreak or to provide information about a new treatment option.

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Another way that healthcare providers use digital billboards is to promote healthy behaviors and raise awareness about health issues.

For example, a billboard might advertise the importance of getting a flu shot or remind people to schedule regular checkups with their doctor. In the case of flu shots, billboards can help raise awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated, particularly during flu season. By reminding people to get their flu shot, billboards can help prevent the spread of the flu and protect individuals who may be at higher risk of developing complications from the flu, such as young children, older adults and people with certain medical conditions.

Similarly, by reminding people to schedule regular check-ups with their doctor, billboards can help encourage preventive care and early detection of health problems. Regular check-ups can contribute to identifying health issues before they become more serious and can help individuals take steps to manage their health and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

By providing education and promoting healthy behaviors, healthcare providers can facilitate the  prevention of disease and improve the overall health of their communities.

5. Provide real-time information: Digital billboards also offer an opportunity to provide real-time information to the public during emergencies or public health crises. For example, during a natural disaster or disease outbreak, healthcare providers can use digital billboards to provide updates on where to seek medical care or how to protect oneself from the spread of disease.

In addition to digital billboards, DOOH advertising can also include interactive screens, video walls and other such digital displays. These technologies provide healthcare providers with new ways to engage with their target audience and deliver personalized messages.

DOOH advertising can form part of a broader marketing strategy that includes social media, email marketing and other digital marketing channels. By integrating DOOH advertising into a comprehensive marketing plan, healthcare providers can maximize their overall marketing performance and reach more prospective patients.

How to market your SMB Business using DOOH

By leveraging the power of digital displays and location-based targeting, healthcare providers can reach a wider audience and build their brand awareness in an increasingly competitive landscape.

By targeting the right audience, using eye-catching digital billboards, and delivering personalized messages, healthcare providers can build trust, establish a personal connection and increase their marketing performance.

As technology continues to evolve, DOOH advertising will become an even more important part of healthcare advertising strategies.

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How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign