If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to advertise your business all over town, you should definitely consider mobile billboard advertising.

Unlike traditional outdoor advertising and static billboards, mobile billboards can go where your customers go – whether they’re driving in traffic, walking the street, or waiting to hail a cab or bus.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign


What’s more, mobile billboard advertising is highly visible. Today, taxi-tops and billboard trucks are equipped with enticing, bright, electronic LED screens, so you can be sure your message will be seen by your target audience everywhere they go.

Figures from Statista reveal that 57% of consumers notice digital mobile billboards most or all of the time, with another 32% noticing them sometimes.

Level of attention paid to Digital Out of Home (DOOH) mobile billboards, according to US residents

(Level of attention paid to Digital Out of Home (DOOH) mobile billboards, according to US residents. Image source: statista.com)

Consumers aren’t just noticing digital mobile billboards – they’re taking action as a direct result.

Research reveals that among people who notice mobile billboard advertising, 35% visit the advertiser’s website or search for the business online. Meanwhile, another 35% visit the advertiser’s store, while 28% visit the brand’s social media site.

Percentage of people who visit advertiser's website from a mobile billboard (35%), those who visit the store (35%), those who visit their social media site (28%)

(Actions taken as a reaction to seeing digital mobile billboard advertising, according to US residents. Image source: statista.com)

Why You Need Mobile Billboard Advertising

With its fantastic reach and ability to drive action, it’s clear that digital mobile billboard advertising, as part of the Digital Out of Home advertising mix, delivers great results for businesses.

So, let’s explore five top reasons to include mobile billboards in your next ad campaign.

1. Mobile Billboard Advertising Is Highly Targeted

Mobile billboard trucks are just that, mobile. This means they can locate where your prospects are, ensuring your ad campaign is displayed to the right people in the right places at the right time.

Today, mobile billboard advertising space can be bought via powerful programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) platforms which utilize a wealth of anonymized mobile location data (plus data from other sources) to give advertisers a clear indication of where their target audiences spend their time throughout the day.

Advertisers can use this data to target their required audience in specific places at desired times ensuring reach and ad spend are optimized for the best ROI.

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2. Mobile Billboards Are Highly Visible

As we’ve seen from the Statista research, a huge 89% of people notice mobile billboards. The LED lights that are used on mobile billboards make for extremely eye-catching focus points amidst a dull sea of cars, buildings and traffic.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign


As such, digital trucks are a sight for sore eyes in the hustle and bustle of city and town centers – drawing attention to their creative messages wherever they go. The perfect medium not only for reaching your ideal customers, but brightening their day (or night!) while you do so.

Lyft Billboard truck advertising

(Image source: movia.media)

3. Access Residential or Hard-to-Reach Places

Traditional billboards are great if you’re looking to reach people in high-traffic, well-populated areas like busy streets and highways. They are, however, confined to these spots.

Digital mobile billboards, on the other hand, can go where static billboards can’t – including suburban, residential and other hard-to-reach places that usually get missed in traditional Out of Home (OOH) campaigns.

Billboard trucks travel far and wide – ensuring a huge range of areas and people are covered to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Similarly though, they can be locale specific. This is great, for instance, if you want to advertise a delivery or takeout delivery service in a local area, as evidenced by Wendy’s billboard truck advertising.

Wendy's billboard truck advertising

(Image source: theadfocus.com)

4. Mobile Billboards Are Cost-Effective

Another great reason to consider digital mobile billboards is that they are a cost-effective means of reaching large numbers of people in the most important areas.

With today’s pDOOH platforms, you can get started with billboard advertising without having to break the bank. pDOOH platforms allow you to set your budget and your campaign criteria (i.e., who you want to see your ad, when, where, and in what context), so you always get a maximum return on investment.

If you need to stretch your advertising budget as far as it will go, there’s no better way than with mobile billboard advertising that quite literally travels all over town, all day long.

And don’t forget, when it comes to advertising on digital billboards, you are always in control of your campaigns. You can create the design and messages that will be displayed to showcase your brand at the right time and place to maximize engagement.

Synchronicity mobile billboard truck advertising

(Image source: theadfocus.com)

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How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign