Programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) advertising was one of the fastest growing media channels before the pandemic locked the world indoors for the best part of two years. In 2022, that growth is back on track – and advertisers are gearing up for a New Year in which programmatic DOOH is a top priority.

Programmatic digital out of home advertising spending in the United States from 2019 to 2022

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Advancements in the technical capabilities of pDOOH continue to deliver new and innovative opportunities for advertisers to reach and engage with audiences in creative and meaningful ways.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign


As such, it’s no surprise that brands and businesses continue to select DOOH (43%) and pDOOH (40%) as two of the top three media types offering the most innovative advertising opportunities available, according to the Programmatic DOOH 2022 Global White Paper.

The Media Which are Developing the Most Innovative Opportunities for Advertisers

Types of media developing the most innovative opportunities for advertisers

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Consequently, as revealed in a separate study by Digiday – The State of Programmatic in 2022 – both brands and agencies report that they will be shifting more budget to programmatic advertising in the coming year. 49% are planning to allocate between 41% and 100% of their budget to programmatic in 2023 – up from 36% in 2022.

The state of programmatic in 2022

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Why is programmatic set to gain so much interest and spend from advertisers?

It comes down to the fantastic benefits the medium offers.

Today, advertisers can use programmatic DOOH demand side platforms like The Neuron to reach their target audience with laser precision. Indeed, with The Neuron, advertisers can fine-tune precisely when and on which digital OOH advertising screens they want their ad to go live across the country, under what conditions (including live weather and traffic conditions), and who they want to see it.

Furthermore, advertisers can track campaign performance at a granular level in real-time so they can tweak and optimize campaigns on the go, to maximize ROI.

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How to Build the Perfect Programmatic DOOH Campaign

The benefits of programmatic DOOH are clear – but how do you go about creating and launching a DOOH ad campaign that converts?

Crafting and launching a digital OOH campaign is now incredibly easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes thanks to programmatic DOOH platforms like The Neuron.

In fact, the whole process is completed in just three simple steps.

Step 1 – Design Your DOOH Ad

When it comes to creating the perfect Digital Out of Home ad to be displayed on digital billboards and other signage, there are a number of best practices to follow.

Though DOOH advertising is large, bright, and eye-catching, the fact is that viewings can be fleeting – especially when it comes to roadside digital billboards when people are in their cars or on buses.

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This means that your ad creative needs to be quickly and easily digestible.

You need to keep your message short and sweet – about seven words or fewer is a good rule of thumb – and it should be written in a clear, readable font, with bold colors, and accompanied by a single image.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign


This simple yet highly effective billboard ad from McDonald’s ticks all the boxes.

McDonalds billboard ad

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Today, creating brilliant and high-converting ads like this couldn’t be simpler thanks to the 100% free-to-use DOOH Design Studio from The Neuron.

The Studio is packed with hundreds of vertical-specific DOOH templates that have been professionally designed by advertising experts. Using our drag and drop online editor, all you have to do is select a template, customize your message, add your logo and your ad is ready to go live.

Step 2 – Set Your Conditions and Launch Your Campaign

With your ad crafted, you want to make sure the right people see it at the right time in the right place.

Once again, this is extremely easy using a modern pDOOH platform like The Neuron.

Powered by data – including, but not limited to, anonymized mobile location data – advertisers can now use pDOOH platforms to pinpoint precisely where their target audience spends time throughout the day. With this information at hand, they can then select the digital screens that are most likely to be seen by their customers at specific times, in specific locations and time their ads to go live accordingly.

In addition, programmatic DOOH platforms can be used to set further conditions under which an ad should go live. For example, weather conditions can act as a trigger for your creative, as can temperature, traffic conditions, or news or sporting events.

Turning to McDonald’s once again for an example, the fast-food restaurant used time of day to trigger an ad for its breakfast menu. Resembling the sun rising, the ad went live at dawn, targeting hungry early risers on highways and freeways in need of breakfast.

McDonald's breakfast billboard ad

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Step 3 – Track and Optimize Your Campaign

You may think that tracking the effectiveness of Out of Home advertising is difficult, or even impossible. It’s not, and this is one of the great benefits of programmatic DOOH today – and one of the top reasons why advertisers are planning to increase their investment in the channel in 2023.

As Digiday’s study reveals, the ability of programmatic platforms to track DOOH metrics is cited as one of the medium’s greatest selling points – and there are a number of ways in which advertisers do it.

43% said they analyze brand site traffic and sales lift in programmatic DOOH campaign regions to track attribution, while 33% said they use QR codes in ad creative to measure mobile action, and another 33% said they include calls-to-action (CTAs) to track conversions.

Dooh campaign attribution tracking

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However you do it, programmatic DOOH advertising allows you to take your insights and apply what you learn to your live campaigns in real time – making adjustments to creative, location, demographic targeting, and triggers to ensure your ad is delivering the very best results for your brand.

How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign

Get Started with Programmatic DOOH Today

The advantages of programmatic Digital OOH advertising are huge, setting the industry and your business up for a big year ahead.

The great new is that with The Neuron, you can design and launch your next – or even your first! – campaign in minutes and see it live on premium DOOH ad inventory the same day.

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How to Create a Successful DOOH Advertising Campaign